Scientific Program


1 FP4 Proportion Of Dry Eye Disease And It’S Impact On Quality Of Life Among Postmenopausal Women Lacrimal Dr.Alisha P Shaju,KSOSID2005 Dr.Alisha P Shaju
2 FP18 Comparison Of Choroidal Thickness In Hypertensive Patients With Healthy Individuals Using Oct. Vitreo Retinal Diseases Dr.Jaimy Ann Philip,KSOSID2172 Dr.Jaimy Ann Philip
3 FP47 Assessment Of Changes In Choroidal Thickness In Relation To Severity Of Dr And Dme Vitreo Retinal Diseases Dr.MUSHERIFA N A,KSOSID2328A Dr.MUSHERIFA N A
4 FP48 Study Of Changes In Foveal Avascular Zone Area After Glaucoma Surgery Glaucoma Dr.NAJLA.C.K,KSOSID2283 Dr.NAJLA.C.K
5 FP49 Central Corneal Thickness In Myopic Children & Young Adults; A Hospital Based Cross Sectional Study. Cornea Dr.Anu Joseph babu ,KSOSID2323A Dr.Anu Joseph babu
6 FP50 Clinicoepidemiological Profile And Visual Outcome Of Viral Keratitis Cornea Dr.RINU JOHN,KSOSID2322A Dr.RINU JOHN
7 FP57 The Utility Of Cvi Inventory In Early Screening Among Children Attending Reic In Gmc, Thrissur Paediatric ophthalmology Dr.NANDHINI P DAS,KSOSID2321A Dr.NANDHINI P DAS
8 FP65 Analysis Of Clinical Features,Causes,Treatment,Outcome In Acute Acquired Comitant Esotropia Patients Paediatric ophthalmology Dr.Vishnupriya P Soman,KSOSID1899 Dr.Vishnupriya P Soman
9 FP70 Effects Of Topical Steroids Vs Topical Nsaids On Post Operative Inflammation After Cataract Surgery Cataract Dr.Rohitha H,KSOSID2341A Dr.Rohitha H
10 FP71 Visual Outcome And Complications Following Retrofixated Iris Claw Inraocular Lens Implantation Cataract Dr.SHREYA S,KSOSID2320A Dr.SHREYA S
11 FP82 Study Of Etiological Factors And Ocular Features In Children With Cerebral Visual Impairment Paediatric ophthalmology Dr.BRINDA RAVI,KSOSID2330A Dr.BRINDA RAVI
12 FP103 Prevalence Of Visual Impairment And Pattern Of Ocular Morbidity In Geriatric Ward Patients Miscellaneous Dr.SIBILIYA KARUPAM VEETTIL CHALIL ,KSOSID2346A Dr.SIBILIYA KARUPAM VEETTIL CHALIL
13 FP105 Profile Of Strabismus In Thyroid Eye Disease Neuro Ophthalmology Ms.RUMA RACHEL MOHAN,KSOSID2329A Ms.RUMA RACHEL MOHAN
14 FP113 Comparison Of Two Dry Eye Questionnaires In Assessment Of Dry Eye Lacrimal Dr.Arya Chandran ,KSOSID2325A Dr.Arya Chandran
15 FP129 Peripheral And Posterior Pole Changes Of Retina In Moderate To High Myopes:A Retrospective Study Vitreo Retinal Diseases Dr.Athira V. Pillai,KSOSID2303A Dr.Athira V. Pillai
16 FP138 Clinical Profile Of Patients With Acute Angle Closure Attack Glaucoma Dr.ARCHA S S,KSOSID2252 Dr.ARCHA S S
17 FP139 Visual Fields – An Eye Opener To Neuro Ophthalmic Presentations. Neuro Ophthalmology Dr.NICE O,KSOSID2261 Dr.NICE O
18 FP144 Efficacy Of Dexamethasone+Povidone Versus Loteprednol In Acute Adenoviral Keratoconjunctivitis. Cornea Dr.Henna Aboobaker ,KSOSID2255 Dr.Henna Aboobaker
19 FP145 Comparison Of Accuracy Of Intraocular Lens(Iol) Power Calculation Using Two Newer Formulae Cataract Dr.MINNA SEBASTIAN,KSOSID2254 Dr.MINNA SEBASTIAN
20 FP146 Analysis Of Outcome Of Patients Undergoing Trabeculectomy At A Tertiary Care Centre-1 Year Followup Glaucoma Dr.SONIA RAICHAL THOMAS,KSOSID2306 Dr.SONIA RAICHAL THOMAS
21 FP150 The Validity And Reliability Of Flashlight Test And Van Hericks Test In Detecting Occludable Angles Glaucoma Dr.Aparna.P,KSOSID2225 Dr.Aparna.P
22 FP156 Efficacy Of Single Lipiflow Thermal Pulsation Therapy For Treatment Of Evaporative Dry Eye Disease Miscellaneous Dr.Apsara S,KSOSID2326A Dr.Apsara S
23 FP171 Cross Sectional Study On Effect Of Myopia On Retinal Ganglion Cell Complex(Gcc) And Rnfl Thickness Vitreo Retinal Diseases Dr.Maria Mathew,KSOSID2347A Dr.Maria Mathew
24 FP178 Microbiological Profile Of Bacterial And Fungal Keratitis In A Tertiary Eye Care Centre Cornea Dr.Staryl Davis,KSOSID2378A Dr.Staryl Davis
25 FP190 Effect Of Haemodialysis On Central Retinal Thickness In Patients With End Stage Renal Disease Vitreo Retinal Diseases Dr.Rajalekshmi S,KSOSID2241 Dr.Rajalekshmi S
26 FP197 Strabismus Surgery In The Elderly: Results Of Objective And Subjective Analysis Neuro Ophthalmology Dr.Anjusree Nair,KSOSID2345A Dr.Anjusree Nair
27 FP210 Clinical Profile Of Low Vision Aid Clinic Patients In A Tertiary Eye Care Centre In Kerala. Miscellaneous Dr.Anu Philip ,KSOSID2381A Dr.Anu Philip
28 FP211 The Assessment Of The Choroid Thickness And Other Features In Pachychoroid Disease Spectrum Vitreo Retinal Diseases Dr.Safna Hamsa,KSOSID2359A Dr.Safna Hamsa