Scientific Program


1 FP1 Rock The Cradle Gently !!!!! Orbit & Oculoplasty Dr.Anisha Tresa Augustin,KSOSID1752
2 FP2 Triple Trouble Neuro Ophthalmology Dr.Anisha Tresa Augustin,KSOSID1752
3 FP5 Isolated Painful Pupil Involving Partial Third Nerve Palsy As The Presentation Of Malignant Glioma Neuro Ophthalmology Dr.Alisha P Shaju,KSOSID2005
4 FP7 Conjunctival Chemosis Unfolding To Adrenal Carcinoma!!! Miscellaneous Dr.Anjali Shaji,KSOSID2272
5 FP8 A Timely Slice Saves His Eye. Orbit & Oculoplasty Dr.Remya Edachery,KSOSID1458
6 FP9 Unveiling An Enigma Glaucoma Dr.Roshna Ahamed C,KSOSID1825
7 FP16 “Bony Eye Charm”- A Case Of Epibulbar Osseous Choristoma Paediatric ophthalmology Dr.SHABEENA BASHEER,KSOSID2248
8 FP17 A Tale Of Masquerade In Fundus : Trauma & Infection A Rare Cause For Pseudo Foster Kennedy Syndrome Neuro Ophthalmology Dr.AISWARYA SAVIOR,KSOSID2305A
9 FP19 Oculomotor Synkinesis In The Shadow Of A Posterior Communicating Artery Aneurysm Neuro Ophthalmology Dr.SHABEENA BASHEER,KSOSID2248
10 FP20 Boon For Bone , Bane For Eyes Uvea Dr.Jayalakshmi R,KSOSID2309
11 FP21 When Mind Doesn’T Know What The Eyes See!! Neuro Ophthalmology Dr.Lakshmi R,KSOSID1983
12 FP22 Trust What We See :Software Based Optimization Of Auto-Refractometer For Non-Contact Meibography Cornea Dr.Alfia Rasheed,KSOSID2405A
13 FP23 A Pediatric Case Of Post Traumatic Multiple Cranial Nerve Palsy Neuro Ophthalmology Dr.Nasreen Pullipurayil,KSOSID2094
14 FP27 A Rare Presentation Of Conjunctival Parasitic Granuloma Miscellaneous Dr.Aishwarya S,KSOSID2354A
15 FP28 Iol Opacification -Rare But There - A Case Report Cataract Dr.Krishnapriya K,KSOSID2344A
16 FP29 Bilateral Disc Edema - Post Infectious Optic Neuritis V/S Iih Neuro Ophthalmology Dr.ZM FIDHA RAFEE,KSOSID2327A
17 FP30 Rare Presentation Of Coats Disease In Adolescent Male Glaucoma Dr.Lizbeth Tom,KSOSID2374A
18 FP31 A Pearl On Limbus - A Rare Cae Of Goldenhar Syndrome Orbit & Oculoplasty Dr.JESMI JOSE,KSOSID2258
19 FP33 Obstacle Redundant Course- Long Term Ophthalmic Case Of Infantile Sarcoidosis Uvea Dr.Sayali Prashant Bawankule,Non Member
20 FP37 Ocp The Slow Eater Of Vision Cornea Dr.Binuja V A,KSOSID2297
21 FP38 Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder -A Case Report Neuro Ophthalmology Dr.MARIYA BANU RANJINI S ,KSOSID2313A
22 FP51 A Disc That Dared My Brain! Neuro Ophthalmology Dr.Reshmi P Haridas,KSOSID1251
23 FP52 Uveal Effusion Syndrome(Ues) - 2 Curious Cases Of Defective Vision In Young Females. Uvea Dr.Antony Akash Albert,KSOSID2260
24 FP54 Unveiling The Enigma: Cylindrocarpon Corneal Ulcer - Detection, Treatment, And Beyond Cornea Dr.Aswini Ramachandran ,KSOSID2318A
25 FP55 Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment(Rrd) Leading To Neovascular Glaucoma Vitreo Retinal Diseases Dr.TREEZA B JOSEPH,KSOSID2331A
26 FP56 Childhood Neuroretinal Tumours – Retinoblastoma Vitreo Retinal Diseases Dr.TREEZA B JOSEPH,KSOSID2331A
27 FP58 An Interesting Case Of Diabetic Papillopathy Vitreo Retinal Diseases Dr.SREEMOL J.O,KSOSID2332A
28 FP59 Atypical Retrobulbar Neuritis Vitreo Retinal Diseases Dr.SREEMOL J.O,KSOSID2332A
29 FP60 Ice Syndrome Glaucoma Dr.Anu Joseph babu ,KSOSID2323A
30 FP63 Caruncular Sebaceous Adenoma : Clinicopathological Features And Systemic Evaluation Miscellaneous Dr.Greeshma M G,KSOSID1714
31 FP66 A Case Of Peripheral Ulcerative Keratitis Associated With Granulomatosis With Polyangiitis Cornea Dr.LAXMI K RAJAN,KSOSID2531A
32 FP67 A Case Of Unilateral Pseudoexfoliation Glaucoma Complicated With Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion Glaucoma Dr.LAXMI K RAJAN,KSOSID2531A
33 FP68 Rare Case Of Foster Kennedy Syndrome Neuro Ophthalmology Dr.SHREYA S,KSOSID2320A
34 FP69 Pediatric Unilateral Retrobulbar Optic Neuritis Neuro Ophthalmology Dr.Rohitha H,KSOSID2341A
35 FP73 Case Of Subcutaneous Dirofilariasis Miscellaneous Dr.Geethika Madhavan,KSOSID2514A
36 FP76 A Case Of Left Occipital Lobe Infarct With Right Homonymous Hemianopia Neuro Ophthalmology Dr.Geethika Madhavan,KSOSID2514A
37 FP77 Poster-A Rare Case Of Iris Hemangioma Uvea Dr.Lakshmi Pradeep. S,KSOSID2394A
38 FP78 A Case Of Cmv Retinitis –Erratum Revealed Vitreo Retinal Diseases Dr.ANJANA R,KSOSID2277A
39 FP79 Rare Case Pseudofoster Kennedy Neuro Ophthalmology Dr.Radhika Anilkumar,KSOSID2407A
40 FP81 Unusual Cause Of Bilateral Disc Edema Neuro Ophthalmology Dr.PAMELA T R,KSOSID2340A
41 FP83 Secondary Bacterial Keratitis Associated With Shield Ulcer Caused By Vernal Keratoconjunctivitis. Cornea Dr.Vinny Joy,KSOSID2342
42 FP84 A Curious Case Of Retinal Hemangioblastoma In A Patient With Von Hippel-Lindau Disease(Vhl) Miscellaneous Dr.NAJUMA A,KSOSID2343A
43 FP85 The Fussy Fistula: Uncommon Presentation Of A Common Disease Lacrimal Dr.Muhsina T,KSOSID1996
44 FP86 An Unusual Case Of Sarcoidosis Of Lacrimal Sac Lacrimal Dr.NEHA MARIAM GEORGE,KSOSID2396A
45 FP87 A Case Of Ocular Surface Squamous Neoplasia Miscellaneous Dr.SHEBA SUSAN DAS,KSOSID2364A
46 FP91 Ocular Rhinosporidiosis – A Case Report Miscellaneous Dr.Monica Christopher,KSOSID2357A
47 FP92 Bilateral Hypopyon And Secondary Glaucoma In A Cml Patient: The Ocular Challenges Uvea Dr.Manasa,KSOSID2001
48 FP93 A Rare Case Of Secondary Congenital Glaucoma Glaucoma Dr.Haifa Abdul Jaleel,Non Member
49 FP97 What The Mind Does Not Know, The Eye Can Not See. Neuro Ophthalmology Dr.Soumya P P,KSOSID1402
50 FP99 Late Spontaneous Anterior Dislocation Of Intraocular Lens In Retinitis Pigmentosa Patient Cataract Dr.Tintu Susan Joy,KSOSID2007
51 FP100 Sebaceous Gland Carcinoma Miscellaneous Dr.Andrea Shaji Pandoth,KSOSID2362A
52 FP101 Caruncular Mass In Left Eye- A Case Of Sebaceous Hyperplasia Miscellaneous Dr.Rosemary Paul,KSOSID2348A
53 FP102 Unveiling The Mystery In A Case Of Lateral Rectus Palsy Neuro Ophthalmology Dr.Hiba Abdul Raoof,Non Member
54 FP104 Bilateral Duane’S Retraction Syndrome In Siblings Paediatric ophthalmology Dr.SURYA D,KSOSID2324A
55 FP106 A Toddler With Lacrimal Duct Cyst Orbit & Oculoplasty Dr.Shwetha S Raj,KSOSID2421A
56 FP107 Lupus Miliaris Disseminatus Faciei (Lmdf) Of Posterior Lamellae Of Lower Eyelid. Miscellaneous Dr.Anagha Sunil ,Non Member
57 FP108 A Case Of Retinal Macular Retinochoroiditis In A Patient Of Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis-Sspe Vitreo Retinal Diseases Dr.Insam Faisal,KSOSID2247
58 FP109 Hospital Based Prospective Observational Study Of Patients Presenting With Ocular Trauma/Injury Trauma Dr.ANAGHA.M,KSOSID2315A
59 FP110 Gradenigo Syndrome Atypical Presentation Of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma. Neuro Ophthalmology Dr.NANDHINI P DAS,KSOSID2321A
60 FP116 To Assess Clinical Profile & Pqol Of Patients With Ted Presenting To Tertiary Eye Hospital Orbit & Oculoplasty Dr.Anju Mary thomas,KSOSID2406
61 FP118 Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension With Isolated Unilateral Third Cranial Nerve Palsy Neuro Ophthalmology Dr.Ashwita Nair,KSOSID2393A
62 FP119 Why Genetic Testing In Childhood Glaucoma - Twist And Turns In Diagnosis Glaucoma Dr.Bindu S Ajith,KSOSID0779
63 FP122 Rhino Orbito Cerebral Mucormycosis Orbit & Oculoplasty Dr.BRINDA RAVI,KSOSID2330A
64 FP123 Rarest Presentation Of A Rare Anomaly Neuro Ophthalmology Dr.SREEKUTTY ANAND,KSOSID2307A
65 FP124 Orbital Foreign Body Mimickers In Ct : Whether To Be Alarmed Or Not !! Miscellaneous Dr.Anu Philip ,KSOSID2381A
66 FP125 Thyroid And Glaucoma: Partners In Crime? Glaucoma Dr.JAINY JOSEPH EMMATTY,KSOSID1216
67 FP126 Role Of Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography In Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada Disease. Uvea Dr.Ancy A,KSOSID1741
68 FP127 Dealing With Ocular Complications Of Snakebite Glaucoma Dr.Anjana Varghese,KSOSID2312A
69 FP128 A Rare Case Of Bilateral Preretinal Hemorrhage In A Child With Juvenile Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Paediatric ophthalmology Dr.Thanusree P,KSOSID1827
70 FP133 Non Hodgkins Lymphoma Presenting As Unilateral Proptosis With Total Ophthalmoplegia Orbit & Oculoplasty Dr.Lakshmi S Kumar,KSOSID1298
71 FP135 Hidden Iceberg -Subclinical Optic Neuropathy With Vincristine Vitreo Retinal Diseases Dr.Afreen N Mujeeb,KSOSID2419A
72 FP136 “Nut Carcinoma Presenting As Retrobulbar Optic Neuropathy: A Lethal Masquerade!” Neuro Ophthalmology Dr.NAMITHA V G,KSOSID2271
73 FP137 Realigning The Ravaged : Acute Divergent Squint Following Penetrating Ocular Trauma - A Case Study Trauma Dr.Devi Karthya,KSOSID2240
74 FP142 Can Retinal Ganglion Cell Topography Predict Pattern Of Field Loss In Neuro-Ophthalmic Disease? Neuro Ophthalmology Dr.NEENA R,KSOSID1351
75 FP143 Bilateral Ocular Adnexal Lymphoma- A Case Report Miscellaneous Dr.Staryl Davis,KSOSID2378A
76 FP147 Unmasking A Wolf In Sheep’S Clothing Vitreo Retinal Diseases Dr.Devika K,KSOSID1212
77 FP148 Intraocular Manifestation Of Spider Toxin-Long Term Sequela Cataract Dr.Safiya p,KSOSID2032
78 FP151 Are We Backing The Wrong Horse?.....6 Important Artifacts In Oct For Glaucoma Glaucoma Dr.Gopika Gopakumar,KSOSID2379A
79 FP152 Cataract In A Nanophthalmos Patient Cataract Dr.Bhagyasree A,Non Member
80 FP157 Secondary Angle Closure Glaucoma In A Child With Visual Impairment: An Interesting Case Report Glaucoma Dr.Akshaya Prasad. B.,KSOSID2420A
81 FP158 The Rare Eight And A Half Syndrome Neuro Ophthalmology Dr.REVATHI RAVINADHAN ,KSOSID2363A
82 FP160 Post Infectious Optic Neuritis Neuro Ophthalmology Dr.ANAGHA.P,KSOSID2367A
83 FP161 Intermediate Uveitis In Hla B27 Spondyloarthritis - A Rare Presentation Uvea Dr.FAHMIDHA SHIRIN M,KSOSID2368A
84 FP162 Bilateral Ossn- Understanding The Double Trouble Miscellaneous Dr.Jane Susan Viji,KSOSID2390A
85 FP163 "From Serpents To Surprises: Unraveling Serpiginous Choroiditis With Octa" Uvea Dr.SHINE N S,KSOSID2361A
86 FP164 Shrouded In Darkness- A Case Report On Vasoproliferative Tumour In Retina Vitreo Retinal Diseases Dr.Sithara L V,KSOSID1946
87 FP166 Chronic Dacryocystitis As A Masquerader – A Case Series Lacrimal Dr.MARIAN PAULY,KSOSID0719
88 FP167 Rusty Eyes And Iron Sight: Unraveling The 'Iron'Y! Miscellaneous Dr.ANJITHA B S,KSOSID2360A
89 FP168 Diagnostic Dilemma In A Case Of Bilateral Necrotizing Scleritis With Scleromalacia Miscellaneous Dr.Burra lavanya,KSOSID2366A
90 FP174 Healthy Sickle Cell Trait With Sickle Cell Retinopathy Vitreo Retinal Diseases Dr.DIANA SAJAN,KSOSID2218
91 FP175 Unveiling The Secrets Of Dermoid Cysts- A Journey Into The Intriguing World Of Developmental Tumors Orbit & Oculoplasty Dr.Aswini Ramachandran ,KSOSID2318A
92 FP176 Hydroxy Chloroquine Induced Bilateral Early Retinal Toxicity In A Child; An Interesting Case Report. Vitreo Retinal Diseases Dr.MARIA THERESA PETER,KSOSID2388A
93 FP177 Bilateral Central Serous Chorioretinopathy Associated With Topical Use Of 5% Minoxidil–A Case Report Vitreo Retinal Diseases Dr.Shifana Salim,KSOSID2387A
94 FP179 All That Glitters Is Not Gold Uvea Dr.Cinu Elsa James,KSOSID2289
95 FP181 Bilateral Congenital Glaucoma In Child With Facial Dysmorphism: A Rare Case Report Glaucoma Dr.NINGGOUSIAM,KSOSID2383A
96 FP182 Preseptal Cellulitis- The Great Mimicker Paediatric ophthalmology Dr.Rajalekshmi S,KSOSID2241
97 FP183 Grab The Crab Miscellaneous Dr.Rajalekshmi S,KSOSID2241
98 FP184 Astigmatism In Straight And Frown Incision In Small Incision Cataract Surgery:A Comparative Study Optics / Refraction / Contact Lens Dr.Sheethu JS,KSOSID2371A
99 FP186 Kid Syndrome Cornea Dr.Sheethu JS,KSOSID2371A
100 FP189 Beyond Red Eyes- A Case Of Adenoviral Conjunctivitis Miscellaneous Dr.Cinu Elsa James,KSOSID2289
101 FP191 Congenital Dacryocystocele- A Case Report Lacrimal Dr.Silpa M,Non Member
102 FP195 A Cohort Study - Ophthalmological Manifestations Of Ccf Orbit & Oculoplasty Dr.Afreen N Mujeeb,KSOSID2419A
103 FP196 From Blindness To Brightness; The Journey Of A Cvi Child Paediatric ophthalmology Dr.Geetha V K P,KSOSID1217
104 FP199 Understanding Morning Glory Anomaly Neuro Ophthalmology Dr.Athira Prasannan,KSOSID2389A
105 FP203 A Case Report Of Cone Rod Dystrophy Paediatric ophthalmology Dr.Juhy Cherian,KSOSID2122
106 FP205 Unearthing The Hidden Weed In The Routine Retinal Pathology- Cnvm In Midst Of Erm Vitreo Retinal Diseases Dr.HENDERSON HENRY,KSOSID2293
107 FP206 Where A Swelling Becomes A Light House Orbit & Oculoplasty Dr.Ayisha Sana,KSOSID2369A
108 FP207 Moon In The Eye : A Case Of Iol Opacification Cataract Dr.Silpa M,Non Member
109 FP209 The Wooden Apparition Orbit & Oculoplasty Dr.ASWATHI NEENA SATHEESH,KSOSID2264
110 FP213 An Interesting Case Of A Patient With Superior Lenticular Subluxation & Elevated Homocysteine Levels Cataract Dr.AISWARYA B S,KSOSID2395A
111 FP215 Pituitary Adenoma Presenting As A Case Of Isolated 3Rd Nerve Palsy Neuro Ophthalmology Dr.Tara Susan Mohan,KSOSID1568
112 FP219 A Vicious Wasp Sting And The Emergent Endophthalmitis Miscellaneous Dr.ANU RUBINA ANSAR,KSOSID2031
113 FP220 Ophthalmoplegia With Facial Palsy In A Case Of Miller Fisher Syndrome: A Case Report Neuro Ophthalmology Dr.Husna K,KSOSID1315
114 FP223 Migration Of Silicon Oil Into Left Lateral Ventricle Of Brain Vitreo Retinal Diseases Dr.Sheryl Rose Jacob,KSOSID2317A
115 FP224 The Use Of Contralateral Eye Fixation Duress Surgery In Third Nerve Palsy With Aberrant Regeneration Neuro Ophthalmology Dr.FIDHA SHIRIN PK,KSOSID2282
116 FP226 Atypical Fungal Keratitis During Covid Pandemic: A Case Series Cornea Dr.Cinu Elsa James,KSOSID2289
117 FP230 A Journey Into The Mystery Of Post Traumatic Rapd Orbit & Oculoplasty Dr.SREE PRIYA,KSOSID2316A
118 FP232 Plasmacytoma - A Rare Presentation Miscellaneous Dr.Athira K ,KSOSID2358A
119 FP233 Familial Ocular Myasthenia Gravis Neuro Ophthalmology Dr.CHRIS MATHEW KOSHY,KSOSID2353A
120 FP235 Optic Nerve Hypoplasia -A Sorrowful Story Of A Blind Child Of Deaf And Mute Parents Neuro Ophthalmology Dr.CHOYIMADATHIL FATHIMA ASLAHA ,KSOSID2392A
121 FP236 Cilioretinal Artery Occlusion: Harbinger Of Ischaemic Stroke Vitreo Retinal Diseases Dr.Maria Mathew,KSOSID2347A
122 FP237 Congenital Total Aniridia With Dislocated Cataractous Lens And Congenital Glaucoma Glaucoma Dr.Maria Mathew,KSOSID2347A
123 FP238 Unexpected Foreign Body Which Covered Its Tracks Well Miscellaneous Dr.RETTY ANN THOMAS,KSOSID2351A
124 FP239 A Dengue Dilemma Of Double Trouble Neuro Ophthalmology Dr.SIBILIYA KARUPAM VEETTIL CHALIL ,KSOSID2346A